A collection of events, notes, and photos we'd like to share with family and friends.  Feel free to browse.  We invite you to contact us through the Contact tab on the website. 

  • Dave's is retired from Illinois State University as Emeritus Professor of Music and Arts/Creative Technologies.  His ISU website is about.illinoisState.edu/dwilliam, professional coaching website is coach4Technology.net, and his favorite music education project reaching the Other 80% of students who do not participate in traditional school ensembles is musiccreativity.org.  The 4th Edition of the textbook he authors with Peter Webster is in production Oxford University Press, Experiencing Music Technology (see TeachMusicTech.com)
  • Kay continues to teach woodwind students in her music studio. Here website is kaymusic.info.
  • Families in Kay and David's genealogy line:  Williams, Frazer, Haas(e), Malkin, Bouton, Eason, Owens and a few more.  Links are provided to the families Ancestory.com and MyHeritage.com websites for the public versions of the family trees.
  • Dave and Kay played for many years in the “Bunny Band” officially know as the Heritage Band of the Midwest with a history that goes back to the 1970s.  Dave wrote an article on the ensemble’s history and archived some 44 of its recorded albums as a digital archive stored with The College Music Society. See the link to the article and the archive.

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